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Civil Engineer's Corporate Overview

We created a corporate overview for this civil engineering company to promote its growing services through various company acquisitions. Through careful research, storytelling and use of imagery, we showcased their rich history, diverse portfolio, and commitment to quality and safety. The overview effectively communicated the company's value proposition to new clients and increased their market share.


A prominent civil engineering company approached us to develop a comprehensive corporate overview that would present a compelling new brand narrative for this growing business.

The primary challenge was to bring together different companies and their diverse stories into one new company narrative. Their origin story from a local family company that built its strong reputation in a highly specialised area became the backbone of their story of growth and their position as leaders in their field. 

We began by delving into their history, conducting interviews with key personnel, and examining their project successes. This enabled us to deeply understand the company's values, capabilities, and key differentiators. 

Based on our research, we developed a narrative that traced the company's journey from a small, family-owned business to a highly respected industry leader. We highlighted key projects, showcasing the breadth and depth of expertise, and emphasised the company's commitment to quality, safety, and community development.

The corporate overview captured the essence of this civil engineering company's new narrative and service offering. The document was a key tool in sales, effectively communicating the company's value proposition to new clients.

This case study highlights what can be achieved through a comprehensive corporate overview to solidify a company's brand story, help the leadership team articulate its new offering and win new clients.

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